Fast, mobile reporting.

Receive & manage information quickly and efficiently.

Today, when Occupational, Health & Safety is so important in the workplace there can never be any second chances.

Whether you are an employee or a business owner/manager, QUICK IMS™ will put your mind at ease knowing that you have a reporting system that is easy to use, fast and is customisable for all industries.

Because the advancement of technology has enabled everyone to carry a smartphone, it means it’s as simple as downloading our app and hooking it up to your QUICK IMS™ Secure Cloud account.

Your workforce is then instantly empowered with the ability of sending reports of both large or small with the content you need.

QUICK IMS™ - your Information Management System.

For Forestry

For Human Resources

For Manufacturing

For Logistics

Why choose Quick IMS over others?

* Reduce compliance & administration costs.
* Fully paperless system.
* Mobile responsive.
* Powerful Agility Web Application Framework.
* Compatible with latest Android & iOS devices.
* Minimal storage requirement.
* Secure cloud or custom, self hosted options.
* Dual encrypted authentication to keep data safe.
* Easy to use 'drag & drop' form builder.
* API interfaces & data extraction.
* GPS location ready.
* Smart timesheet information, on and off duty.
* Offline mode for limited service & remote areas.
* Multiple user management.

A new approach to Information Reporting & Management

Quick IMS is more than a simple Information Management System.

Report information directly from your mobile phone and report them to Managers!

For the business owner/manager - QUICK IMS™ uses the revolutionary highly responsive Agility Web Application Framework (AWAF) so designing and implementing your forms are quick and easy. With an instant reporting system, you can be assured your client gets their data quickly & accurately.

QUICK IMS™ works on Android and iOS based mobile devices with offline capabilities so semi-remote workforces are able to send important information reports or other customized forms when they reach minimal phone service. The mobile APP is simple yet effective for the user and takes almost no training. Simply register then download the APP to get started.

Reporters can download the Quick IMS mobile app for FREE!

Use these mobile apps to connect to the QUICK IMS™ secure cloud!