Quick IMS™ for Forestry

Quick IMS™ for Forestry

The Quick IMS™ application was born in the Australian Forest Industry. It was ultimately developed to minimise reporting time and transfer from the inefficiencies of paper for incidents and form based reports from the contractor in the field to the client based in the office. Quick IMS™ has now become that and more.

The team at Quick IMS™ have realised the daily challenges forestry people are faced with such as remote locations and harsh working environments and have developed features to suit the needs of everyday workforces.


What makes Quick IMS so different from its competitors and the more traditional means of using paper?

Key Features:

  • The Quick IMS™ app is designed to work while there is no mobile coverage, it will poll (send data to the server at a minimum 1 minute interval until the form has been sent) It has the manual function to switch off polling to save device battery life is known area is poor. When the operator has reached service then they can switch it back on.
  • GPS connectivity with your mobile device including in form radio button with one touch that logs the form reporters position when cruising the field.
  • Scanning of barcodes.
  • Your workforce is instantly empowered just by using their smartphone.
  • The App is lightweight and takes minimal space on mobile devices – less than 3MB in size!
  • Powerful Agility Web Application Framework driving the Secure Cloud backend system.
  • Easy drag and drop form building software within the Secure Cloud backend manager.
  • Once the form has been submitted via the mobile device the server receives the data within seconds.

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Case Study:

Silviculture Contractor

Jo Anderson – Operations Manager

We have been using Quick IMS™ for a little over a month now and already the system has saved us time and money but is also saving our client significantly. I used to have to drive from site to site every week to collect paper forms and in some cases if it was an incident I had to spend hours in a day retrieving the paper reports. It has now freed up my time so I can work on other aspects of the business and I can be assured that I know the data is flowing back to the server.
Our client also loves it as they can see the surveys we do come through in real time, previously they had to wait until the end of each month until I had manually entered in statistics from paper copies collected throughout the month. They can now direct us more efficiently and effectively based on the data flow.
Our staff are also big fans as they know I won’t be chasing them for their paper forms come end of month and all they have to do is carry their smartphone which they have with them anyway. All in all we are very happy with Quick IMS and the continued support the team has given us.

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