Australian Safety Company Launches New “Care for Care” Program

Australian Safety Company Launches New “Care for Care” Program

Worksafe Guardian (WSG), an employee safety app developed in Australia to monitor the safety of lone workers, are excited to announce their new Care for Care program. For every 10 WSG Safety Apps that are signed up, Worksafe Guardian will donate 1 app to their Care for Care Program, designated specifically for not-for-profit organisations. A common issue WSG discovered since their launch almost two years ago is how many not-for-profit organisations need the WSG Safety App, but simply don’t have the budget to implement it. The Care for Care Programs aim is to help those that help so many in a small but significant way.

On the company’s new Care for Care Program, App Designer Greg Lindner had this to say: “Coming from a monitoring background we know firsthand the value of safety solutions like WSG and how it provides companies and individuals peace of mind there is a professional ready to implement response procedures. The cost of maintaining the equipment, servers, staff and the monitoring centre has prevented us from being able to heavily discount the price of the service. In saying that, as more not-for-profit organisations contact us who need the app but lacked funds we wanted to find a way to extend them the service. After all, they are the ones out there doing the outreach programs, helping the homeless, less fortunate and drug and alcohol dependent individuals. That’s why we created the new program. We hope that the program will expand and continue to grow as Worksafe Guardian does.”

The WSG lone worker safety app was the first of its kind to be developed, owned, operated, and monitored here in Australia, and the company aims to ensure that as many Australian employees as possible are afforded the opportunity to use the app if the need it. Worksafe Guardian strongly believes that safety should be about people above anything else.

How this new Care for Care Program will work:

  • For every 10 new apps that are signed on, WSG will designate 1 free app to go into the Care for Care Program.
  • WSG will allocate as many free fully monitored apps to any given not-for-profit organisation.
  • To be eligible, companies must be registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).
  • A full list of terms and conditions will be emailed out to the not-for-profit organisations who apply.

About Worksafe Guardian Ltd. (WSG): WSG is an employee safety monitoring app for iPhone and Android developed by Security Alarm Monitoring Service (SAMS). SAMS have over 20 years’ industry experience and hold a Grade A1 Certification for their monitoring centre based in South Australia, the highest standard available in Australia. The WSG head office is in Adelaide, South Australia, but WSG currently monitors lone working employees Australia wide. WSG is Australia’s 1st professionally monitored lone worker safety app.

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Australian Safety Company Launches New “Care for Care” Program Release from Worksafe Guardian.  Available from <>  Photo Credit: commons/wikimedia By National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from USA

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