BlueScope launches workplace safety app

BlueScope launches workplace safety app

BlueScope Steel has partnered with TOLL, K&S Transport and Buzinga App Development to improve health and safety methods for their employees and contractors through the safety app, ‘SteelDrive’.

The app, launched in June, 2016 and now available to Android users, allows truck drivers to document the restraining and transportation of steel, through photo-taking, GPS-tracking, and cloud-based storage. The new digitally efficient method of documentation provides critical transparency in the unlikely case of an incident investigation, providing a point of reference for all stakeholders; including the manufacturer, transporter and importantly the driver themselves.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility”, said Ben Scollary, IT Innovation Business Analyst at BlueScope. “We have an obligation to our employees, our partners and our communities to work safely each and every day. SteelDrive represents the first steps in enabling a collaborative, mobile approach to safety for our logistics operations, and BlueScope are proud to be leaders in this change.”

BlueScope’s mobility journey in ANZ began under the new IT leadership of CIO, Larry Howard, in 2012. Larry’s focus on digital innovation became instrumental in the collaboration between BlueScope’s IT and Logistics Safety teams. Together, they formulated the idea of creating a product that was accessible 24/7 on major smartphone devices, and would ensure the safety of their employees, BlueScope’s partners and the products they transport.

SteelDrive is claimed to be the first of its kind worldwide. It incorporates steel restraint guidelines into a secure process to capture the visibility of the restraint, making it transparent to the parties involved in the shipment.

“The app – the first ever to be published by BlueScope in public app stores – gives us peace of mind because it reflects the safety mindset and culture that we have here at BlueScope”, Scollary continued.

‘SteelDrive’ allows the driver to document their restraints in the form of real-time photographs, which can then be stored in a shared cloud-based repository. Digital versions of load restraint guidelines and a repository of despatch site location details are also accessible via the app.

Challenging the perception of rigid traditional industries, BlueScope have embraced digital technology as a way of enabling their business to become more adaptable to the changing engagement expectations, as set by both their employees and partners.

“We needed a partner that understood our goals as well as how our industry worked. This product capability shows the safety mindset and culture at BlueScope, further enhancing and supporting our ability to not only keep protecting our products, but also our people, contractors and the community”, concluded Scollary.

BlueScope launches workplace safety app. Available from <> [

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